Raspberry Crêpe Cake

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I’ve been wanting to make one of these for ages and saw a wonderful recipe in a Ricardo magazine, but then Marilou & Alexandre Champagne’s version from their book, ‘3 Times a Day, Simple & Stylish’, won out (for now).  I doubled a recipe of Kerry’s Crêpes and left the batter a little bit thick to make the crêpes easier to work with, so my cake was made with 14 crêpes (though 16 wouldn’t be too difficult to achieve).  I made the crêpes ahead and froze them so this was fairly straightforward to whip up before our guests arrived for dinner.  Also to note, this isn’t super sweet…I think it would be a marvelous addition to a brunch but you have the option of adding a bit of sugar to your crêpe batter as well – enjoy!



Raspberry Crêpe Cake

14 to 16 crêpes OR a double batch of Kerry’s Crêpes, cooled or thawed if previously frozen

Raspberry Topping

3 to 4 c. raspberries

1 tub (475 g) mascarpone

1/4 sugar (or more to taste if you’d like a sweeter dessert)

Whipped Cream

1/2 c. whipping cream

2 T. sugar


extra raspberries and icing sugar to garnish your cake

For the topping, add the raspberries, mascarpone and sugar to a medium bowl and mash with a potato masher until well blended and then set this aside.  In another bowl (or electric mixer), combine the cream and sugar, whip until stiff peaks form, then set this aside as well.

To make the cake, place one crêpe in the middle of your serving platter and spread a thin layer of raspberry topping over top – I found it easier to start in the middle of the crêpe and spread outwards…this also helps keep your cake from tilting if you have filling focused around the edges instead of the middle.  Cover with another crêpe, spread on more topping and then keep on going until all (or most) of the crêpes are used and the topping is gone.

Cover the top of your amazing crêpe stack with the whipped cream and then garnish with raspberries and sprinkle on some icing sugar.  I made this an hour or so before dinner and was able to refrigerate it – if it can’t go in the fridge then I’d plan your assembly to be able to serve it straight away.

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