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Coleslaw (Clear)

  • Author: Meagan


Mom recited probably 4 recipes to me over the phone, this is what I chose to make (it was for rib night), and it was what I wanted – coleslaw, straight up.  The hot dressing serves to remove only the harsh crunch of the cabbage, and it was still tasty the next day – I also think it would be a great way to dress up a sandwich!



Coleslaw (Clear)

2 (340 g) packages of pre-cut coleslaw – or – 1 small head of cabbage, shredded, 2 grated carrots, and maybe a cup of shredded purple cabbage

chopped celery (apple is also good!) – optional


1/2 c. EACH canola oil AND vinegar

1/4 c. brown sugar

1 t. salt

1/4 t. EACH celery seed AND celery salt


Put all of the dressing ingredients into a small sauce pan and bring it to a boil while stirring.  Pour over the prepped slaw (in a large bowl), cover it and put it in the fridge.  You should do this a good 2 hours before you serve it in order to cool it off.

When you’re ready to serve the coleslaw, carefully pour off the excess dressing, give it a good stir and enjoy.

  • Category: Salad, Cabbage


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