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Bone Broth (Pressure Cooker)

  • Author: Meagan
  • Total Time: 45 Minutes


One of my new most favorite things!  It’s rich and delicious so on a cold day I’ll have a half mug for a snack, but I think that ‘world’s greatest soup’ will be the reason that I always have it in my freezer (I find that due to the richness factor, the perfect ratio is half bone broth to half store-bought – I prefer Kitchen Basics).  Borrowed from Michelle Tam’s book, ‘Ready or Not!’, (though it’s also in ‘Nom Nom Paleo’), this broth is the reason I invested in a pressure cooker.  Below is my outline, change it up as you wish!



Bone Broth (Pressure Cooker) – makes 8 to 10 cups

3 lbs. assorted beef, chicken and/or pork bones – try to use a combination of ribs and joints

1 yellow onion, quartered OR 1 large leek, cleaned and largely chopped

1 large carrot, largely chopped

3 to 4 garlic cloves

1 or 2 inches of ginger, peeled and sliced into thick coins

2 T. fish sauce

1 t. kosher salt

8 to 10 c. water – use enough to cover everything but do NOT go over your ‘MAX’ line


Add all of the ingredients to your pressure cooker (I have a big one, so adjust the amounts above if you need to), and remember that the bones can go in frozen, so you can quite literally whip this up whenever the heck you want to.

Secure the lid, set the Pressure Release to Sealing, cover and cook under high pressure for 45 minutes (on my cooker, I use my ‘Manual’ button, then enter in the time) – and when the broth is done cooking, either release the pressure manually by carefully moving the Pressure Release to Venting (it may spray!), or let the pressure drop naturally, depending on how soon you need the broth.  Strain it all and then package as you wish.

I freeze mine in one liter containers (for soup) and in smaller containers (for broth snacks), but another great idea of Michelle’s is to use large silicone cube trays – freeze, then pop them out and throw them in a Ziploc for easy access.  I promise you that the (very minimal) effort is worth it – enjoy!

  • Category: Soup, Pressure Cooker


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