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Everything Green Salad (with Green Goddess Dressing)

  • Author: Meagan


I have a Green Goddess Dressing posted, but this is an all green salad…and it’s wonderful.  Borrowed from Lynn Crawford’s cookbook, ‘At Home with Lynn Crawford’, it’s easy to prep ahead of time and refrigerate all components until it’s eating time, and it’s a great salad to feed a crowd.  There’s a lot of flexibility to add or remove ingredients as you have them – enjoy!



1 c. sugar snap peas, dropped into boiling water and removed immediately to drain and dry

1/2 lb. asparagus, cut into bite-sized pieces and dropped into boiling water and removed immediately to drain and dry

2 or 3 baby cucumbers, sliced into rounds

1 small zucchini, cut into ribbons with a vegetable peeler

1 head of Butter, Boston or Bibb lettuce, torn into bite-sized pieces

2 green onions, cleaned and diced

1 avocado, peeled and cut into slices AND 1/4 c. chopped fresh dill

1/2 c. crumbled goat cheese or feta

Green Goddess Dressing

1 ripe avocado, peeled

1 shallot (or half a small onion that’s been rinsed in boiling water)

1 clove of garlic

3/4 c. mayonnaise AND 1/2 c. sour cream

1/2 c. parsley leaves

2 T. EACH chopped chives AND lemon juice

1 t. salt AND 1/2 t. pepper

1/4 c. + cream or milk to thin the dressing as needed


First make the dressing – put all ingredients except for the cream (or milk), into a blender and blend until smooth.  Taste for seasonings, add cream as needed to thin so that you can pour the dressing over your salad and then refrigerate until you need it.  This will make enough dressing for probably 2 salads (we used ours as vegetable dip for a couple of days afterwards).

Now make the salad – add all salad ingredients to a large bowl, add dressing and toss to coat – serve immediately!

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