Deanna’s Cheese Ball

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Most definitely the most looked forward to appetizer growing up…and we still get very excited when one is offered up!  Now that the kids also squeal when they see one, I figured it was time to make them…this is all Deanna.  The trick to these is to use a food grinder, or in my case, an old food processor where you’re not fussed if you burn out the motor!  Everything gets grated – ingredients like Velveeta will gum up any machine, but if it’s followed with a chunk of onion, it should keep on working.  Below is a Deanna recipe, doubled, and probably the most manageable amount to make (if you also consider how cheese is packaged).  What’s listed below will make 6, softball-sized cheese balls, but they can be rolled into any size that works for you.  They also freeze marvelously so you can always have them on hand – enjoy!



Deanna’s Cheese Ball

2 c. pecans

1 lb. old cheddar

1 lb. Velveeta

1 package(230 g) MacLaren’s Imperial cheese (Kraft)

1 package (8 oz/250 g) cream cheese

1 medium onion, peeled AND 2 t. Worcestershire sauce

1/2 t. EACH garlic powder AND salt

paprika for garnish


Keep in mind, you can grate all by hand – I used my OLD food processor and wasn’t worried about it burning out.  Begin by prepping all ingredients – cheese out of packages and in chunks that will fit through the food processor feed, peel and quarter the onion, and have a large bowl set aside.  Pulse the pecans and add to the bowl, then grate the cheeses, alternating with onion chunks (to ‘clean’ the food processor) and then scrape everything in batches into the bowl you’ve set aside as it’s all grated.  I prefer to alternate ingredients put through the processor as it makes for less mixing at the end.

When everything is grated, make sure all spices are in and give it a good mix to combine.  Try to work quickly as the cheese will get gooey sitting out for too long.  Once mixed, form the cheese ball mix into balls, shapes or containers that you’ll be freezing it in – I had Brock form the balls for me, he set them into a shallow bowl, I sprinkled each with paprika and rolled them each separately into a sheet of plastic wrap.  These should then go into a freezer Ziploc before going into the freezer.  We’ve always eaten this on crackers (Triscuits!), but it’s tasty dolloped onto vegetables as a dip too.

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