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Faux Udon

  • Author: Meagan


Not a real recipe…more of a reminder for me.  This is a super fast, super tasty meal and it’s one giant cheat – boxed miso broth and a roast chicken from Costco, an already cleaned and chopped large bunch of kale (packaged!) from the market, pre-made udon noodles from anywhere and whatever trimmings you wish to add to your soupy weeknight feast – enjoy!



Faux Udon

3 L miso broth – boxed or made yourself with your favorite miso paste

3 to 4 packages (200 g) of Japanese Style Udon Noodles

2 bunches of kale, cleaned and chopped

34 c. diced or shredded roast chicken

For garnish;

23 c. diced firm tofu

1 c. chopped green onion

12 c. chopped mushrooms (raw or sauteed)

Sriracha sauce


Heat up the broth to boiling in a large soup pot, cook the noodles according to package directions (usually only a couple of minutes), then add in all other ingredients that you wish to be warmed through.  The garnishes can be added at any point, but everyone at our table has their own preferences so using them as ‘garnishes’ works for us.  We actually dish up the girls in small serving bowls and tie bibs on so that they can slurp away to their hearts content.

  • Category: Chicken, Turkey, Soup


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