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Chicken with Asparagus and Lemon-Tarragon Cream

  • Author: Meagan
  • Total Time: 4 Minutes


Crazy quick and borrowed directly from the The Best of Bridge, ‘A Year of the Best’ – this IS weeknight possible! – enjoy!



46 chicken breasts, cut into similar-sized pieces

1 lb. asparagus, cut into bite-sized pieces

1 c. whipping cream

1 T. chopped fresh tarragon

zest from 1 lemon

canola oil, salt and freshly ground pepper for cooking


Heat a bit of oil in a large skillet and saute the chicken, in batches if necessary, until cooked through – sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper as you go.  Remove the cooked chicken to a plate and set aside.

Wipe the pan out if it needs it, add a touch more oil and cook the asparagus for a couple of minutes until it’s tender and bright green, then add it to the chicken plate.

Wipe the pan clean and add the cream, tarragon and zest and heat to a boil while stirring, then immediately turn down the heat and simmer for 3-4 minutes until the sauce thickens up a bit.  Add the chicken and asparagus back to the sauce and once all is heated through, serve it over rice, couscous or orzo – we enjoyed ours over orzo with extra broccoli on the side.

  • Category: Chicken, Asparagus, Lemon


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