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Pastry – Crisco

  • Author: Meagan


You can’t beat Crisco and this is the original recipe straight from the box – tried and true via all of the grandparents!

This recipe has never failed and it’s easy to work with.  If you’re even the tiniest bit intimidated by pastry, I strongly urge you to give yourself a break, and give this steadfast little number a try – enjoy!



2 c. flour AND 1/2 t. salt

1 c. Crisco

1 egg, beaten lightly

2 T. ice-cold water AND 1 T. vinegar


Mix together the flour and salt and then using a pastry cutter (or 2 forks), cut in the Crisco.  Keep cutting until it resembles coarse crumbs with pea-sized pieces, then add in the egg, ice water and vinegar.

From this point I mix it with a heavy duty wooden spoon or a really sturdy spatula until it comes together and sometimes finish the mixing with my hands.  Divide it into 2 even-sized mounds (I use my kitchen scale to get them exact), work each into a ball that has no obvious cracks, and then wrap individually in Saran Wrap and refrigerate until ready to use.  I always make this ahead of time (it freezes very well!), but I think it would work best if it was chilled at least a couple of hours before using.

From here the rolling out is up to you.  I use a floured pastry cloth and rolling pin cover for Crisco crusts and then also use a cold piece of baking marble when I make a butter or cream cheese crust.  I have my own way of figuring out the size (slightly bigger for the bottom), and after several tries have figured out how to seal a pie so that it doesn’t leak – this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a pretty pie though.  Practice, practice, practice.  If you like pie, even a little bit, it’s worth it!

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