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Peach Pie

  • Author: Meagan


It was a tough day over here and Brock had to miss dinner at the last minute so the girls and I had fried egg sandwiches and green beans from the garden.  I just love it when dinner takes 4 minutes to make and the girls are so excited about it that Waverly can’t even finish chewing before she’s saying, ‘Mom, do you have more?, I know I’m going to want more!‘.

Back to the rough day, I thought Brock deserved a pie…this recipe is from Mom which is apparently a Betty Crocker classic.



Peach Pie

1/2 recipe of Brown Sugar Pastry or Duchess Pastry – or enough pastry for 2 crusts

5 cups of peeled and sliced fresh peaches – 7 to 9 usually

1 t. lemon juice

2/3 c. sugar AND 1/4 c. flour AND 1/8 t. cinnamon

2 T. butter


To peel peaches, slice a small, shallow ‘X’ into the bottom of each one and then plunge the peaches into a bowl of boiling water for several seconds before quickly submerging them in a bowl of iced water.  I found that with a sharp knife, they peeled very easily.  **HOT TIP – a serrated vegetable peeler works as well on peaches (especially if they’re cold), as a paring knife does on an apple!**

In a large bowl, mix together the peach slices and lemon juice and then add the sugar, flour and cinnamon and mix well.  Roll out your pastry as you would and fit it into the pie plate with a bit extra hanging over the edges, fill the prepared crust with the peach mixture then dot the 2 tablespoons of butter over the peach filling.  Cover with the second sheet of pastry, dampen, trim and flute the edges and cut a couple of air vents into the top.

I baked this at 450 for 10 minutes and then covered the edges with foil, or an ‘edge protector’, and turned the heat down to 350 and baked it for another 40 minutes…leave it longer if you wish for a deeper golden brown!

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  • auntie jino says:

    Hope that the pie helped and so sorry times are tough. Sending lots of love to you all x x

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