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Apple Crisp

  • Author: Meagan


This is really all about the crisp topping – Mom uses a couple of different versions and once again, I just needed to get the one that I like down, so that I can find it again.  If it’s just the four of us, I use 4-5 apples and the rest of the topping can be frozen – so I will say that this recipe is for 2 (small) Apple Crisps.




3/4 c. EACH oatmeal, flour AND brown sugar

1/23/4 c. hard butter

1/21 c. whole almonds, coarsely chopped (or almond slivers or slices or pecans!)

Apple Crisp

46 apples, preferably at least 2 varieties, peeled. cored and chopped

water + lemon juice + salt + cinnamon – really only a titch of all, though if the apples are super tart then I’ll mix maybe a 1/4 cup brown sugar or maple syrup in with the apples


For the topping – use a pastry cutter to cut the butter into the dry ingredients until the mixture is crumbly.  Add the almonds and give it a stir.  If you’re making a small dessert, halve the mixture and put one half into a Ziploc bag for the freezer.

Butter a small casserole dish (I usually use one that is 2 liters) and fill with the chopped apple mix.  Sprinkle on about 1 tablespoon of water and maybe 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, add a pinch of salt and then a good sprinkling of cinnamon over all.

Cover completely with the topping and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes, depending on how large your apple pieces are – make sure you check it so that the top doesn’t get too brown.

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

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