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Feta and Tomato (Tik Tok) Pasta

  • Author: Meagan


Everyone has heard of this but I only just (finally!) got around to trying it.  It’s brilliant, easy, flexible, doable and a definite weeknight winner.  After some brief research it looks like Feel Good Foodie made this Danish recipe go viral on Tik Tok, but the Washington Post also shares a full history – it’s a lovely positive story about being locked up during Covid, making feta great again, and a real life excellent thing to come out of social media! – truly! – enjoy!



This is a loose outline – remember that leftovers are a good thing!

1 lb. (454 g) pasta – your favorite shape – cooked to al dente in generously salted water and drained (but save a cup or so of the pasta water)

1/2 c. + good olive oil AND 6 + cloves of garlic, chopped if large

2 lbs. ripe cherry or grape tomatoes – dependent on your baking vessel

kosher salt AND freshly ground pepper

1 block (250 g+) feta cheese (goat feta results in the smoothest sauce)

fresh herbs like basil or oregano to add just for the heck of it, or to garnish with


Preheat the oven to 400, start a large pot of salted water to boil, and toss the olive oil, garlic and tomatoes together in a large lasagna-type casserole – I like to use my Staub lasagna pan.

Nestle the block of feta in amongst the tomatoes, sprinkling all with some salt and a generous grinding of black pepper and then bake for about 40 minutes until the tomatoes are ready to burst (if they haven’t already).  Assuming your pasta is ready to go and you’ve reserved some pasta water, remove the pan from the oven and use a sturdy spatula to carefully squish and stir the tomato/feta mix together.  Add the pasta (you may choose not to add it all), and stir until all of the goodness is well combined – if you’d prefer the dish saucier, now’s a good time to sprinkle on some pasta water.

Dish up into big bowls and garnish as you wish – take a look at the links, there are several variations and ideas as to how to whip up an easy delicious dinner with very minimal fuss!



From Meagan's Kitchen

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