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Smoked Turkey Breast

  • Author: Meagan


Single turkey breasts always show up at Costco at Thanksgiving, Christmas and sometimes Easter – I always pick one up!  One breast is a heck of a lot of meat!  Brock decided to give this outline from ‘Franklin Barbecue’, by Aaron Franklin and Jordan MacKay a try and as a result we had the world’s greatest turkey/mayo/mustard/lettuce/cheese wraps for dinner.  There are leftovers in the freezer for another sandwich meal or 2, but I also need to highly recommend using smoked turkey in a Chicken-Farro Salad – enjoy!



13 to 4 lb. skin on turkey breast

~1 c. butter

~1/2 c. rub – 2 parts freshly ground pepper to 1 part kosher salt

heavy duty foil

hickory for smoking


Rev up your smoker using hickory wood chunks to 265 and trim the turkey breast if needed and remove the skin.  Generously apply the rub all over the turkey breast and cook for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, skin side up (if it still had skin), then carefully remove it from the smoker.  Set the breast on a double layer of heavy foil, place a lot of butter on top of it, then wrap it tightly in the foil and carefully return it to the smoker.  Continue to cook (you’re braising it in it’s own juices and butter!), until the internal temperature reaches 160 – this may take about another hour.

Remove the breast from the smoker to a large baking sheet and then allow it to rest for at least a half hour.  Remember how much butter is in there as you carefully unwrap it, then slice and serve as you wish.



From Meagan's Kitchen

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