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Jessie’s Bits & Pieces

  • Author: Meagan


Deadly.  One nibble and you-can’t-stop!  Jessie is no longer with us, but Deanna adapted this from her original recipe…she was a favorite of mine and so is this crazily addictive snack.  Lots of ways to make it your own, my only other recommendation is to make it a tradition at a certain time of year – like Christmas – because you’ll find yourself imbibing for breakfast on a regular basis otherwise – enjoy! Share!



1 box (200 g) Cheez-Its (or Goldfish, or whatever other cheesy mini cracker that you adore)

~200 g pretzel sticks

1/2 box (the box size I used was 365 g) Rice Chex (Crispix is tasty too)

1/2 box (the box size I used was 725 g) Shreddies

1 bag (213 g) Bugles

Secret Sauce

1 c. canola oil AND 1 packet (28 g) Hidden Valley Ranch dry mix

1 T. EACH lemon pepper, dried dill AND garlic powder


Preheat the oven to 200 and stir together all of the ingredients in a big roasting pan with high sides.  In a small bowl, whisk together the secret sauce ingredients, drizzle all over the mix and toss well using a large spatula or pancake flipper.

Roast for about 2 hours, taking it out to give it a stir every 20 minutes to half an hour.  Eat straight away or wait until it cools and store it for as long as it lasts in an airtight container.



From Meagan's Kitchen

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