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Our Ideal Sidecar

  • Author: Meagan


As so named in the ‘Cocktail Codex’, by Alex Day, Nick Fauchald and David Kaplan.  We’ve been working our way through this brilliant book so expect a lot more cocktails!



For one perfect drink;

1 1/2 oz. VSOP Cognac (or Brandy)

1 oz. Pierre Ferrand dry curaçao

3/4 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 t. simple syrup (equal parts white sugar and water by weight, stirred together until sugar has dissolved)

one orange twist to garnish


Shake all ingredients with ice then strain into a a chilled coupe.  Express (twist) the orange twist over ‘Our Ideal Sidecar’, then gently rub it around the rim of the glass and place it into the drink.



From Meagan's Kitchen

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