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The Brown Family Pancake

  • Author: Meagan
  • Total Time: 1 Hour


Not a ‘true’ recipe, but a brilliant idea that needs to be shared.  For all of you born-and-raised Calgarians out there…remember when a Stampede Breakfast meant crispy perfect bacon cooked inside a fluffy buttermilk pancake? AND they were whipped up in front of you? AND the lines were reasonable so that by the time you finished the pancake you were holding, you’d be back at the front again?  Deanna still makes them this way for her own Stampede Breakfast…but the Brown’s add an egg.

And here’s where it gets technical – it’s a long weekend so Brock and I were able to spend way too much time making pancakes this morning.  I prefer the ‘doughnut’ method, he prefers the ‘thin layer’ method.


The Brown Family Pancake

your favorite pancake batter – we like this one (without the blueberries) because it’s gluten-free, but this would definitely be one to try

crispy bacon


butter for grilling


Melt some butter on a hot grill and then either quickly pour a loop of pancake batter (the doughnut method), or spread a thin, thin amount of batter in a pancake shape.

Crack the egg either into the ‘hole’, or on top of the thin pancake, then quickly pour on another tablespoon or 2 of batter – this won’t completely cover the egg, you just need enough of a  pancake layer to support the bacon.

Add the bacon in any design that you wish and then leave this pile of breakfast goodness to cook until the batter is ready enough to be turned over.  When it’s time to try a flip, 2 utensils will most likely be required…if successful, leave your ‘super’ pancake to continue to cook until the pancake batter is cooked through and the yoke is (hopefully) still runny.

The ideal plate is to treat these as regular pancakes and cover them in butter and maple syrup…and once you find your ‘knack’, the egg will always be soft in the center.  Fruit on the side is optional, but also really tasty – enjoy!

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