Brown Butter Radishes

  • Author: Meagan
  • Total Time: 25 Minutes


So tasty! And super quick…so a very easy addition to any meal.  I found this recipe on the kitchn and all of us loved the roasted radishes (and brown butter always helps!) – enjoy!



Brown Butter Radishes

2 lbs. radishes, tops removed and halved if needed – some of mine were quartered to make them similar sizes for roasting

1 T. olive oil

kosher salt AND freshly ground pepper

2 T. butter

juice from half a lemon AND flaky sea salt for serving


Preheat the oven to 450 and line a baking sheet with parchment.  In a large bowl, toss the radishes with the olive oil, a good sprinkling of salt and a healthy grinding of pepper, then spread them evenly on your prepared baking sheet.  Roast until the bottoms and edges are a bit brown, 10 to 15 minutes.

As the radishes are roasting, swirl and melt the butter in a large skillet and then allow it to gently sizzle until it’s browned and nutty smelling – this will take a couple of minutes.  When the butter is brown, remove the skillet from the heat, add in the roasted radishes and lemon juice and toss to combine.  Dish the radishes up onto a suitable platter and sprinkle with some flaky sea salt – I also think these would make a great appetizer!

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