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Butter Tarts

  • Author: Meagan


An old recipe of Mom’s, and it honestly is easy, if you don’t mind fiddling with the pastry.



Butter Tarts

Pastry for 1 pie crust should make 12 tarts in a regular muffin tin.  See Pastry – Crisco.

1 c. EACH raisins AND brown sugar

2 T. butter, melted

1 egg AND 1/2 t. vanilla


Cover the raisins with boiling water, let them sit for a few minutes and then drain.  Add the warm raisins to the remaining ingredients and mix well.

Roll out your pastry and use an appropriately sized round cookie cutter to cut out your circles.  The pastry really only needs to come about half way up the inside of each muffin cup and the pan doesn’t need to be greased.

Fill each unbaked pastry shell about 3/4 full with filling – the filling should make exactly 12 and it should not reach the pastry line.

Bake at 350 for 15 to 20 minutes, and allow the tarts to rest in the pan for about another 20 before attempting to remove them.  When you’re ready to get them out of the pan, carefully run a knife around the edge of each tart – I did say this was fiddly – and if they are loosened, you should be able to hook them underneath and gently lift them out.

Normally, out of 24 tarts, about 3 are ‘ruined’ when I try to get them out of the pan and Brock and I have to immediately eat warm butter tarts.  It happens, only the cook needs to know the truth.

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