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  • Author: Meagan


A family favorite…and one that I learned to mix at a very young age!  Cocktails are generally Brock’s department, but we definitely enjoy them equally and this is our ‘usual’, for all kinds of reasons.  Below is what we do, along with all of our suggestions – an important rule to note is that generally you shake drinks with citrus juices, cream or egg, and you stir drinks made with clear ingredients!



Manhattan – for 1 cocktail

2 oz. rye whiskey (we prefer Alberta Premium or Forty Creek) – bourbon is also commonly used but makes for a sweeter drink

1 oz. sweet vermouth (we’ve tried several but our current favorite is Cocchi Storico, Vermouth Di Torino – Ricetta Originale)

2 dashes aromatic bitters – (our favorite bitter makers are Fee Brothers and The Bitter Truth, our individual list is lengthy…it’s mood dependent of course, but these come out on top; Fee Brothers’ Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters or Old Fashion Aromatic Bitters – The Bitter Truth’s Jerry Thomas Own Decanter Bitters or Old Time Aromatic Bitters…and then one of the original familiars deserves a mention – Angostura)

1 or 2 Bourbon Cherries (homemade) OR Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries (store-bought)


Fill your mixing glass with ice, add the rye, vermouth and bitters and stir with a bar spoon for 20 seconds (there is an actual stirring ‘technique’, please refer to page 90 of ‘Death & Co., Modern Classic Cocktails’).  Strain using a julep strainer into a coupe or Nick & Nora glass, and add the cherry(ies) – enjoy straight away.

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