From Meagan’s Kitchen – August 12, 2009

Having twin daughters has inspired me to ‘hold dear’ all that which I used to take for granted; like time, sleep, exercise and other assorted selfish activities.

Cooking has always been a passion of mine, but it’s only been recently that I’ve been able to get back into the kitchen – trying new things, avoiding stepping on little people and their toys, making healthy meals and basically just enjoying being a foodie again.

This blog is dedicated to my mother, Deanna, who was always the greatest cook, most organized person and most gracious hostess that I’ve ever known.  September 9th, 2009,  happens to be her 70th birthday, it’s also my in-laws anniversary, and the day that I re-met my husband – so I thought it would serve as a perfect “start-by” date.  It will also be the day that I show this to Mom for the first time.

My desire for this blog is to keep a ‘food diary’ of sorts, ultimately for my girls, but also for everyone else in my family as a way to share, organize and safe-guard the recipes that we all know and love.

I will end up talking about my kids, there is no way around it, but I will steadfastly attempt to make thrice-weekly entries of recipes that ;

  • I would absolutely make again
  • that I have physically made myself
  • that I obviously want to keep for all time

At the moment, I have thousands.  I figure that by the time my mother’s next big birthday hits, I’ll have gotten somewhere.

Feel free to leave comments, I will answer them as regularly as possible, if requested to do so – or you can e-mail me at

Thanks for visiting – enjoy!