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Chicken Cutlets (or Pork!)

  • Author: Meagan


This is similar to the recipe that I make for Chicken Parmigiana, but these need their own post because they’re so darn tasty on their own.  This version from bon appetit, was put together as a way to fully prep and bread the chicken, so that you can freeze the uncooked cutlets between sheets of waxed paper, and then have them handy for a weeknight meal.  Alternatively, when Mom makes her version, she pounds, breads and fully cooks her cutlets and then refrigerates them on baking sheets up to 2 days before a meal – they only take about 15 minutes to reheat to perfection, and they are definitely marvelous enough for company.  Any way you make them, you’ll be very excited, and they go with anything!

**Deanna does this exact same thing with pounded pork tenderloin, and I’ve tried it! – this is exceptionally tasty with Applesauce and/or Rhubarb Chutney



Chicken Cutlets – easy to double, I tripled the recipe

12 lbs. chicken cutlets, or chicken breasts, cut into similar-sized pieces and pounded to 1/4″ thickness between sheets of plastic wrap (I did extra chicken and froze it between sheets of waxed paper for Lemon Chicken With Olives)

~1 c. flour

2 eggs (beaten slightly)

~2 c. panko crumbs

1/4 c. grated Parmesan

1 T. dry mustard

1/2 t. EACH salt AND freshly ground pepper

~1/2 c. olive oil for cooking

lemon halves or slices for serving


Put the flour into 1 shallow bowl, the eggs into a second bowl, and the panko, Parmesan, dry mustard, salt and pepper into a third shallow bowl – I also put a fork into each bowl to have handy as required.  If you’re planning on freezing some cutlets, have sheets of waxed paper cut and ready to use so you don’t need to wash your hands a thousand times, and give yourself the space to work.  Dredge each chicken piece completely in flour, shaking off the excess, then completely in the egg, then completely in the panko mix, making sure to press each side firmly into the crumbs so that as many as possible stick.

I did up a couple of bags for the freezer and then cooked some for dinner.  To cook, heat up a large skillet over medium-high heat, add a few tablespoons of oil to the pan and cook the cutlets in batches, being careful not to crowd them.  Carefully try to swirl the oil in the pan as they cook, the cutlet edges will be crispiest if oil makes it’s way around each cutlet – they will need a few minutes per side to get a good brown crust.  Transfer the cooked cutlets to a plate, continue to cook the rest in batches, wiping out the skillet and adding more oil as needed, and serve hot as you wish – lemon squeezed over top is really lovely – enjoy!

  • Category: Chicken, Pork, Make-ahead, Freezes Well