Yummy Punch

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Yummy Punch

  • Author: Meagan


We had an extensive table of snacks and appetizers that we all put together for Mom’s big surprise 70th party – and was it ever  a surprise!  I will only post the recipes that I made, but I plan to get to the others soon since everything was so good.  This punch is actually a recipe of Mom’s, and it’s great because it can be made ahead and you make only what you need.



Yummy Punch

Boil 5 cups of water for 5 minutes

Add 2 cups of sugar and a 3 oz. package (4 serving size) of raspberry jello, stir until dissolved and then remove from heat.

Add 1 litre of raspberry juice (Sun-rype)

Add 1 litre of pineapple juice

Add ½ cup of lemon juice

Add 1 TBSP almond extract

Ginger Ale


This makes about 15 cups of liquid, so I put it in 5, 1 litre containers, filling only to about the 750 mL mark, to leave room for expansion when freezing.  Freeze until ready to use.

To serve; add 1 part punch to 2 parts ginger ale and decorate the bowl or serving jug with sliced fruit.  Add more as you need it.

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