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Brock’s Smoked Beef Ribs

  • Author: Meagan


It was a week where we all needed a lift so I ordered the Franklin Barbecue Collection on Amazon and it (shockingly) arrived the same day.  Brock had one of the books read by morning!  If you’re into smoked meat, Aaron Franklin and Jordan MacKay are amazing – there’s been a lot of really terrific barbecue in our house these last few months thanks to those books – enjoy!



1 (3 to 5 lb.) rack of beef short ribs (more specifically, plate ribs)

1 T. + your favorite hot sauce – you only need enough to dampen the ribs, it’s a glue for the rub with a bit of zip

Equal parts kosher salt and freshly coarse ground pepper (what we used) – OR – your favorite spice rub for meat with NO sugar – we have a couple that we love from The Silk Road Spice Merchant


Trim the beef rack so that any fat is no more than 1/4-inch fat – if the fat is any thicker then the smoke won’t penetrate (beef ribs usually come beautifully trimmed from the butcher)

Rub the meat all over with the hot sauce, sprinkle it generously with salt and pepper and get it onto the smoker.  Smoke at approximately 250 to 275 degrees for about 6 hours (this is on the Kamado Joe) until the internal temperature is 195 to 200 degrees.  Spritzing the beef the last couple of hours with even a little bit of water is recommended in the book, but the Kamado is so humid that Brock didn’t feel the need.  Allow the ribs to rest, tented in heavy foil (don’t wrap or the crust gets soft) for about 45 minutes before slicing and serving as individual ribs.