I can’t believe I’ve been at it a whole year!  Even though I keep telling myself that I’m doing this for me, it’s still nice to know there are a few regular readers out there.  I’ve been doing some thinking about my formatting and I think that I’m going to tweak things a wee bit from here on in.  There’s a few organizational things on the blog that could use some fine-tuning, and I’m also going to start reciting what I make for dinner as near to everyday as I can manage.  All this means is that I’m going to be calendaring my food – I currently do this by hand in a ‘food diary’, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up.

I will still only post those recipes which I would absolutely make again, and I promise to link up to past recipes as they come up – if something doesn’t make sense, please let me know!

Here’s to many more (years AND recipes)…

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