Everyone is crazy busy, but everyone still wishes to eat well, so a few friends and I have been swapping weeknight meal ideas for the last few weeks and this little gem was brought to light in those emails.  Sabrina passed this on to us (from her friend Jen), and while it’s really just an outline, I needed to get it down because we’ll definitely be doing this again – enjoy!

Jen’s Dragon Boats

Dressing – this is the most important part

a couple of big spoonfuls of nutritional yeast

big spoonful of tahini AND a glug of olive oil

a spoonful of maple syrup AND a splash of soy sauce

1 or 2 minced garlic cloves

a pinch of your favorite chili powder

water (to thin it out)

Whisk all ingredients together in a small bowl, then give it a taste and adjust accordingly.  Add water and whisk again until the dressing is either as spoon-able or as pour-able as you’d like.  Set it aside while you throw together your bowls of goodness.


cooked quinoa, rice, farro or a grain of your choice – we prefer this component warm (and on the bottom)

slivered onion – sauteed until a bit caramelized, or at least very softened

shredded cabbage – I used a bag of coleslaw and tossed it in with the cooked onion to soften it a bit

shredded carrots – I left these cold and crunchy

slivered peppers (or cucumbers, or…or…or)

cooked chicken or shrimp – I had shredded chicken in the freezer, but shrimp would be wonderful!

chopped fresh cilantro

Make up your bowls, drizzle with dressing, dig in!


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