And that’s the recipe.  Who would have thought that something so simple could taste so marvelous?  Borrowed from ‘Date Night In’, by Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt, this is a perfect pre-dinner snack or a super quick appetizer!

Hot (and Salty) Dates

2-3 T. good olive oil

12 Medjool dates

Maldon salt (flakes)

Add the olive oil to a skillet over medium heat and then add in the dates, stirring and turning them so that they’re completely coated.  Keep an eye on the dates as you’d like them to be warmed through and slightly blistered, but not cross over into crunchy.  If your company is arriving as you do this, just turn them down to low.

Dish up into a pretty serving platter and generously sprinkle with Maldon salt – enjoy!


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